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June 26, 2020

The Go Game Launches Virtual Conference Platform

The fully customizable solution can engage everyone from small teams to upwards of 1,000 conference attendees

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Go Game, the leader in team-building and culture-driving games, today announced the launch of Go Remote, a virtual platform that enables team members to connect remotely to engage in games, live stream events, conferences, and more. The completely customizable solution is suitable for everyone from small teams to large corporations.

Since 2001, The Go Game has been on a mission to bring fun to work through interactive games, events, and experiences that make employees feel connected and engaged. In 2019, the company recognized a need for remote connection with more companies allowing for remote work than ever before. The Go Game started developing Go Remote in the winter of 2019 and has been testing the platform in beta since February 2020, just as the pandemic started to take hold in the US. Through best-in-class technology, Go Remote creates dynamic digital environments that enable real engagement that goes beyond the market standard video conferencing tool. With the pandemic prompting companies to permanently allow distributed teams, virtual connection has become an integral part of company culture.

“We know what it takes to use technology to engage employees and build real connection,” said Ian Fraser, co-founder and chief executive officer of The Go Game. “Building a customizable product that could create a new way for companies to build culture during a time they need it most seemed like a no-brainer.”

Go Remote is a virtual culture-building platform that provides businesses with a way to bridge the gap between distributed and in-office teams through online team building. The next product iteration, Go Remote (Expo)  is the scalable solution within Go Remote that offers enhanced capabilities to allow for larger group sizes, upwards of 1,000, to network in groups, play games, view videos, engage in one-on-one conversations, and more. Expo is perfect for virtual conferences and emulates in-person connecting that often takes place onsite and after-hours at major events- participants can huddle and meet, view and participate in keynotes, network, and build real relationships through an interactive display and live game-play.  Specific offerings include: puzzles, collective drawing, trivia, fact matching, sports, pop culture themes, and more, with endless opportunities for customization, content, and branding upgrades. Games and events can include an experienced host who acts as a built-in MC, facilitator, DJ, and performer.

“Our customers were interested in a solution for virtual events and conferences that allowed for team-building, networking, and engagement that no other video service could offer, and at scale,” said Finnegan Kelly, co-founder, and chief technology officer of The Go Game. Expo enables our customers to create interactive experiences for over 1,000 people, which fundamentally changes the way virtual conferences and event planning will be viewed and experienced, and we look forward to continuing to expand our platform’s capabilities.”

The web-based platform works with any up-to-date browser and has been used in stealth mode with leading companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Spotify, Amazon, and more. Since March, beta version experiences within Go Remote have grown by 300%. Go Remote and Go Remote Expo expect to see continued growth with the official launch and plan to iterate on the product to add new features and customizations ongoing.

About The Go Game:

The Go Game is the only culture and team-building platform that offers a fully customizable solution for businesses to engage employees or event attendees remotely. Designed for everyone from small teams to over 1,000 conference attendees, the company is transforming remote work life and employee engagement by offering a suite of games, shared experiences, video, and chat components, all in one dynamic platform. Founded in 2001, the company works at the intersection of cutting edge technology and human-centric experiences, prioritizing fun to drive employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

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We had a blast.  All the feedback was VERY positive and we laughed a lot. It was a huge load off my shoulders that allowed me –for once, to relax and not worry.   We also recently acquired a company in Los Angeles so it was a great way to meet each other!

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

Francine Mills - SPHR-CA, GPHR, AlfaTech

Go Remote is like a virtual portal of joy!

Lani Mednick - Ascend

This platform is the opposite of Zoom fatigue! It’s so engaging and fun. It’s incredibly unique and our community, team and volunteers loved it!

Karen Banks - Family House

That was the most fun I’ve ever had in a virtual experience. The music, commentary and teamwork was a blast!

Allison M - Hubb

This was great! I definitely want to use for our big event coming up!

Renea - PagerDuty

That was the most I have seen my team laugh and smile since before all of this madness began! I’m so excited to get a program together now for our larger marketing team and hopefully the company.

Lisa S. - Fuze

I’ve never had more fun with strangers in my life!

Ralph F. - Dropbox

Go Remote was literally the best decision ever!

Danielle E. - Vandy Spirit