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November 03, 2020

DocuSign Helps Nonprofit Raise Critical Funds

DocuSign threw a virtual fundraising event on Go Remote for the Family House, who helps families of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Family House San Francisco, in partnership with DocuSign, recently threw a virtual fundraising event for their community. Family House, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization working to provide free temporary housing and emotional support to families of patients getting treatment at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Since all funding comes from donations and volunteer engagement, fundraising events are an imperative part of the organization’s success..

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Family House was forced to transition to a near-completely virtual model. This meant no in-person visitors, volunteers, or events– all critical elements in sustaining and supporting their community. They were faced with a question: how do they keep the magic of the Family House but make it virtual? Additionally, how do they create an environment where organic connections can flourish, especially as it relates to corporate volunteers and fundraising?

Using Go Remote, Family House was able to engage volunteers and sponsors like DocuSign in innovative, dynamic ways, helping to support the organization in these uncertain times.

Throughout the virtual experience, Go Remote hosts facilitated a space where volunteers could expand and grow their relationships, while establishing new connections, the customized trivia games and the platform’s private chat feature. Most importantly, they were able to raise over $8,000 in critical funding for the organization and the families they serve and thank donors in real time!

“This platform is the opposite of Zoom fatigue! It’s so engaging and fun. It’s incredibly unique and our community, team and volunteers loved it!”
-Karen Banks, Chief Engagement Officer, Family House.  

The true beauty of the Go Remote platform lies in its ability to seamlessly flex and support various virtual event goals and clients. The Go Game was honored to be a part of this experience and we’re looking forward to what’s next for Family House and the DocuSign partnership.

Speaking of, Family House is hosting an upcoming gala and we’d love for our community to support their work. Rock The House will take place Saturday, November 14th with virtual cocktails at 6:30pm and a program at 7pm featuring an acoustic music set by Train, live auction, and surprises. Please make a donation if you’re able and again we can’t wait to support you in your next virtual event!

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We had a blast.  All the feedback was VERY positive and we laughed a lot. It was a huge load off my shoulders that allowed me –for once, to relax and not worry.   We also recently acquired a company in Los Angeles so it was a great way to meet each other!

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

Francine Mills - SPHR-CA, GPHR, AlfaTech

Go Remote is like a virtual portal of joy!

Lani Mednick - Ascend

This platform is the opposite of Zoom fatigue! It’s so engaging and fun. It’s incredibly unique and our community, team and volunteers loved it!

Karen Banks - Family House

That was the most fun I’ve ever had in a virtual experience. The music, commentary and teamwork was a blast!

Allison M - Hubb

This was great! I definitely want to use for our big event coming up!

Renea - PagerDuty

That was the most I have seen my team laugh and smile since before all of this madness began! I’m so excited to get a program together now for our larger marketing team and hopefully the company.

Lisa S. - Fuze

I’ve never had more fun with strangers in my life!

Ralph F. - Dropbox

Go Remote was literally the best decision ever!

Danielle E. - Vandy Spirit