Why Go Remote?

With Go Remote, you can create a better, more inclusive culture for your distributed teams. Our proprietary technology is the best-in-class and the games are guaranteed to bring some joy to your virtual workplace. But don’t take our word for it! 96% of our clients recommend Go Remote as the best platform for remote engagement in the world and we have a world class NPS score of 77.

How does Go Remote differ from other video conferencing platforms?

Have you attended a Zoom or Google Hangouts birthday party or remote happy hour yet, where you’re not sure when to talk and you take turns like a weird meeting and are left feeling unfulfilled? Well that’s a big key difference – we’re all about fun and creating a virtual experience that really bridges the distance between employees working remotely. We can engage a small group, up to 1000s of people. The real key is optimizing interaction through the human-centered design of our technology.

I just signed up for a game. What’s next? What should I expect?

STEP ONE: First and foremost, please sign into your game portal and complete all the information requested in your game plan. That will give us everything we need to craft your perfect game.

STEP TWO: After completing your game plan, you will be connected with your Event Manager or Game Host, depending on your pricing package. They will put the finishing touches on your game and will be in touch as soon. Also, be on the lookout for our FAQ which will answer most of the questions you may have about what to expect and how this works!

STEP THREE: Once you’ve connected with your Event Manager, you can share your information in the game portal. This will also allow for you to send invites to your guests, so the experience is locked in on their respective schedules. You will receive your own unique game URL for sharing. The onboarding is seamless and guests do not need their own login links. Please pay special attention to all the recommended best practices support link to ensure the best possible Go Remote experience for you and your guests.

What types of games are available?

Here is a deck of the mini-games your team may play over an entire game to get you excited!

How long are the games?

Games typically last :45-60 minutes, however additional time can be added with a fee.

Do people need to download anything to play?

Nope! We support Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. No download required. Please pay special attention to all the recommended best practices to ensure the best possible Go Remote Experience for you and your guests.

Does the platform integrate with Zoom?

Nope! It’s built from the ground up and we’ve found after hosting 1,000s with virtual events and experiences that we can support people in better more intentional ways outside of breakout rooms en masse like in zoom. There isn’t a current integration and most folks just point attendees to us as a happy hour, or all-hands meeting, afterhours virtual experience etc.

What are some ways Go Remote is used?

All Hands Meetings, Learning & Development opps, Tournaments, Team Building “Offsites”, Fundraisers, Karaoke battles and more. Learn more about our use cases, here.

How many participants will the game hold?

We can host up to 10,000 participants, however, we break the players up into games like you just experienced in groups of up to 25. We do this intentionally because we know this provides a better and more inclusive experience for everyone and people are able to connect better vs big behemoth breakouts. We can also stream bigger games and people can vote and participate in spectator mode. Imagine a LipDub battle between VP of Engineering and VP of Product and we all get to not only watch but upvote the performances live!

What if someone comes in after the game? How does that work?

One of the great features of Go Remote is the smart load balancing and inclusivity. When a player arrives into the game, we automatically assign them to a game to include them.  When the room is approaching full capacity, we automatically open up another room to ensure even distribution across the platform and that everyone is included.

Do we designate teams beforehand or are they created randomly?

No need to divide your group before the game. Your host (or you) will place players on specific teams right before the game starts.

What do we do if we don't know the exact headcount?

Your pricing and game design are based on the number of players in the game. Give us your best estimate, and let your host know as soon as you have a final headcount.

What if I don’t want to include one of the mini-games?

You can simply leave a note in your Game Plan. Your Event Manager uses all the info you leave in your game plan to craft the perfect game for you and your team.

Can you stream or livecast?

Yes! We can stream pre-recorded keynotes in the reception area and broadcast live through external platforms as well.

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We had a blast.  All the feedback was VERY positive and we laughed a lot. It was a huge load off my shoulders that allowed me –for once, to relax and not worry.   We also recently acquired a company in Los Angeles so it was a great way to meet each other!

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

Francine Mills - SPHR-CA, GPHR, AlfaTech

Go Remote is like a virtual portal of joy!

Lani Mednick - Ascend

This platform is the opposite of Zoom fatigue! It’s so engaging and fun. It’s incredibly unique and our community, team and volunteers loved it!

Karen Banks - Family House

That was the most fun I’ve ever had in a virtual experience. The music, commentary and teamwork was a blast!

Allison M - Hubb

This was great! I definitely want to use for our big event coming up!

Renea - PagerDuty

That was the most I have seen my team laugh and smile since before all of this madness began! I’m so excited to get a program together now for our larger marketing team and hopefully the company.

Lisa S. - Fuze

I’ve never had more fun with strangers in my life!

Ralph F. - Dropbox

Go Remote was literally the best decision ever!

Danielle E. - Vandy Spirit