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500 seats gives you 20 rooms/mo


500 Seats
Paid Yearly Save 15%
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You're saving $2,100 per month!
Yearly total is $40,800
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Subscription Benefits

Hosted Experience for Everyone

Subscriptions include a hosted room/‘game experience’ each month for every team member.

Unlimited Self-Hosted Games

Transform your meeting into a fun, engaging experience for attendees. You can take the wheel and host your own game and then flip the switch to have your meeting.

Full access to content library

Access to our entire content library. New games and modules are added every month!

Hybrid Options Included

One yearly in-person/virtual (hybrid) event is included with your subscription.

Scheduling Tools

Schedule and change as you see fit. No charges for last minute changes. Add directly to your Google Calendar from the tool.

Free All-Hands

Once a year, use the platform for an org-wide virtual All-Hands, with hosts, for free!


With a subscription, you can add your own custom challenges and add your company logo and colors at no cost.

Choose Your Host

- Access to Tier One hosts
- First access to Specialist hosts

Priority Scheduling

Get ready for the Holidays. Last year we sold out by late October, but this year get pole position.


Slack, Google Chrome Extension, Microsoft 360 - coming soon

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We had a blast.  All the feedback was VERY positive and we laughed a lot. It was a huge load off my shoulders that allowed me –for once, to relax and not worry.   We also recently acquired a company in Los Angeles so it was a great way to meet each other!

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

Francine Mills - SPHR-CA, GPHR, AlfaTech

Go Remote is like a virtual portal of joy!

Lani Mednick - Ascend

This platform is the opposite of Zoom fatigue! It’s so engaging and fun. It’s incredibly unique and our community, team and volunteers loved it!

Karen Banks - Family House

That was the most fun I’ve ever had in a virtual experience. The music, commentary and teamwork was a blast!

Allison M - Hubb

This was great! I definitely want to use for our big event coming up!

Renea - PagerDuty

That was the most I have seen my team laugh and smile since before all of this madness began! I’m so excited to get a program together now for our larger marketing team and hopefully the company.

Lisa S. - Fuze

I’ve never had more fun with strangers in my life!

Ralph F. - Dropbox

Go Remote was literally the best decision ever!

Danielle E. - Vandy Spirit